Lauren grew up immersed in nature with freedom to explore the coastal woodlands and chaparral of Northern California. While building forts and staining her fingers with wild berries, she learned to feel at home in nature and was soon able to identify native plants and chart seasonal change in the world around her.  Her early love of the outdoors blossomed into a deep interest in horticulture and the principals of design.

After graduating cum laude from Georgetown University with a Bachelor’s of Science, Lauren trained at Foothill College (Dean’s List) in their Department of Ornamental Horticulture. An apprenticeship with notable landscape designer Danna Breen followed and helped hone her hands-on skills. Next, Lauren was hired by iconic lifestyle brand, Sunset Magazine, where she worked as a garden editor and in-house designer for Sunset’s Editorial Test Garden. At Sunset, she produced weekly garden content for the magazine and larger garden designs for feature stories, including transforming the walled garden into a sprawling cut-flower garden.

Lauren currently takes on select design projects for clients and writes about garden and interior design from Amsterdam, where she’s lived with her husband, Don, since 2016.


Gardens have the power to connect one to nature and act as a deeply grounding force in the modern world.  Whether you wish to create a place for relaxation, outdoor dining and entertaining, or simply a place of beauty, the design of your garden always begins with your purpose. Lauren aims to create gardens with enduring, climate-sensitive designs that not only meet her clients’ needs but also, perhaps, spark the same wonder of the natural world she discovered as a child. 

“We could not have had a better experience or be more pleased with the finished product. Lauren struck the perfect balance of listening and suggesting, so right away it felt like she just ‘got’ us and what we were hoping for. From her first draft of the design to little tweaks and adjustments we made based on availability and pricing, she was truly excellent. Professional, pleasant, and responsive with an exceptional eye for designing landscaping that complements our outdoor living space.”

— Greg L., Palo Alto, CA client